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   The following blog posts regard progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ They were first published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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Leipzig on the Web (Dec. 28)
  An interview with the The Leipzig Glocal.

The Last Leave Leipzig: 1935-1939 (Dec. 18)
  Preview of Chapter XIV.

Sarajevo – Meeting Place of Cultures (Nov. 27)
  What comes to your mind? 1914? The siege of 1992-1996? Or Torville & Dean's 1984 gold medal?

“Berlin is splendid…Berlin is life...”
(Nov. 15)
  Surviving a night on the town + other distractions..

My Great Uncle: What a Clown! (Oct. 17)
  Uncovering a 1937 clip.

100 years ago today...
(Oct. 11)
  ...My great grandfather perished on the World War One frontline. And I managed to piece together his last five months.

Margot’s Mysterious Marriage (Sept. 5)
  On rewriting the history books, refugees, false weddings and immigration..

Another Triumph!
(Aug. 7)
  Ch. XIII: 'The Prince & the Showgirl'/'Gentiles & Jews.'

Shape of Things to Come
(July 11)
  With 12 parts complete, my 'Lebenswerk' looks set.

Arctic Circle Retreat Turns Abba-Esque
(June 27)
  'Dissidentia:' A Mix Tape of Early 80s Synth Pop?! Whatever next?!

Ich bin ein Berliner
(June 13)
  Last week I savoured Berlin. And not only its Currywurst und Bier, which is a real favourite of any true denizen.

Greetings from Silesia
(May 30)
  On going back to my roots and meeting relatives I last saw 20 years ago.

School Reports (May. 25)
  On comparing my 1979 school report with my great grandfather's.

The Prince and the Showgirl (May 2)
  “Thoughtfully Little Nanny scratched at the dark wood of the table with her fingernail. It really seemed a mistake to leave one’s own country..."

Onward Christian Soldiers (April 18)
  Called up to fight in 1915 on behalf of the Imperial German Army.

The Six Rockets debut on Wikipedia! (Mar. 13)
  How many authors do you know?

Debunking the "Law" of Averages (Feb. 20)
  Reflections on the will and testament of my great great grandmother.

'Filmpje behoorende bij de Revue Lachpillen'
(Feb. 7)
  Research brings trials and tribulations.

Cor Ridderhof: Wat zijn oogen zien, maken zijn handen (Feb. 1)
  Life begins at 40!

Critics React (Jan. 19)
  “Today's Sunday invited me to sit on the couch, reading your new chapter. Since it is so interesting, also for Aubrey, I read it loudly. Both we felt nicely entertained.”

Stones (Jan. 10)
  Might any of Radstein's locals might recall my great great grandmother? She died (aged 91) in 1933, so there’s every chance of obtaining a character reference. No?

Nailed it! (Jan. 3)
  In Ch. XII (1928-1931), my grandmother & her sister's acrobat troupe tour the UK, US & Holland.

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