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   The following blog posts regard progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ They were first published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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The Gentle Sex (Dec. 24)
  Last night I watched a 1943 black and white movie about the role British women played during World War Two – as members of the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Inspired, being short on content regarding my Leeds' based great aunt's divorce, I picked up her ex-husband's second marriage certificate. That disclosed his military ID number and literally opened a new frontline in my research – and findings.


An Unexpected Evacuee
(June 4)
  When war broke out, England’s urban youngsters were shipped out of harm’s way. Here I tell the story of where my not yet four year old second cousin ended up.

Nine Days in Elbia
(Apr. 19)
  Nine days in Elbia: A new travelogue in words and pictures.

“More Fingerwork, Less Legwork” (Mar. 1)
  On my dealings with worldwartwo suspects, US birth and death registers and on catching up with distant relatives...

Postcards from the Edge
(Jan. 24)

  My 'throwback' moment is to view the world from my great grandmother's eyes: 'Nickel raids,' an Allied bombing posted on YouTube and paper doilies were all features of everyday life in the year following Sept. 1939!

  Aug. 3, 1940 Allied bombing of Hamburg

Lithuania Joins the Map of ‘Family’ Origins!
(Dec. 10)
  Sometimes I never cease to be amazed how exciting family history research projects really can be.

A Flying Start to 2016!
(Jan. 9)
  Being hard at work on Chapter XV: Lives Less Ordinary, it covers the World War Two years. What fascinates me especially is how the Hinsch family found themselves on either side of the warring alliances. Leipzig-born Erdmuthe Sophie Nanny Tyralla, becomes the central character, unwittingly tieing almost all family members together as she flits between her home in Hamburg and her daughter’s in Nazi-occupied Holland, followed by the capital, Berlin, and finally her brother’s home in Machern bei Leipzig.

  Walking in my great grandmother's shoes

Walking in their Shoes
(Jan. 2)
  Remember Depeche Mode's rendition? Here's mine.

       On visiting Broadway

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