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   The following blog posts regard progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ They were first published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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When the Credits Roll…
(Dec. 10)
  Smile! Chapter XV is ready. And the credit goes to…

Winners and Losers
(Dec. 2)
  The final months of World War Two wrought the greatest hardship, not only for the Germans but the Dutch too, who under occupation, survived the so-called Hunger Winter, while family in Dresden endured the Allies' gratuitous night raids of February 1945.

Tiny und Irene (Nov. 25)
  The end of World War Two for the Dutch was meant to have happened in autumn 1944. But my aunts' hopes proved premature.

Riscoe to the Rescue!
(Nov. 18)
  Margot may have been divorced by UK comedian, Johnnie Riscoe, but was there one more twist in the tale for her sister in Holland?

Target Leipzig (Oct. 28)
  The warning signs were there but Frau Tyralla did not need telling twice to evacuate.

Struck of Strength
(Oct. 23)
  By its fourth year, the war was taking a toll on the Netherlanders’ health, my ten year old aunt enduring rickets then scurvy.

Á Berlin (Oct. 14)
  After spending the second half of 1942 in Amsterdam, my great grandmother 'retreated' back to ... Berlin.

In-laws at Odds (Oct. 7)
  Cor Ridderhof surely ‘delighted’ at hosting his German mother-in-law in occupied Netherlands. To his mind, all Germans were arrogant.

(Sept. 23)
  Written in such a way that you don't need to read Chapters I-XIV first!

Safeguarding Our Legacy (Sept. 9)
  “Those footnotes in your chapters. Does that mean you’ve researched all those materials?” asks the gentleman in the glasses.

In Memoriam (Aug. 28)
  A man who held the key to unravelling one of our biggest family mysteries is now gone.

Under the Banner of the Reich (July 29)
   Germany's second attempt at European integration (following the first world war), seen from a Dutch perspective. And why it inevitably failed.

Hit (and Run) (July 22)
  What 'Dunkirk' meant for a German 'married' to England...

A Nervous Wait (July 19)
  A bit like the first single that precedes an artist's new album, here, finally, is part one of Chapter XV.

“Things going very badly at the front” (July 16)
  On discovering that family members not only weathered World War Two in Holland, Germany and the UK, but Russia too..

“(I'm talking 'bout a) Whole Lotta History...”
(July 3)
  ..wistfully sang Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle in 2007, back in the days when she and her chums dominated the pop charts.

Working Title(s)
(May 20)
  Spoiler Alert! How many can say they know what their grandparents were doing during the war? I couldn't, until 18 months ago...

What's black and white and re(a)d all over?
(Jan. 21)
  You don't know?

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