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   The following blog posts regard progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ They were first published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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  The Six Rockets on tour in England_The Performer

In Keeping with Tradition… (Nov. 18)
  …I finally got around to visiting Glasgow's ‘The Pavilion Theatre,’ which today is one of a limited number of original UK music halls that still stands, a venue which my grandmother’s acrobatic act, The Six Rockets, performed at during their short ten week tour of Great Britain.

Remembering our Fallen – My Great Grandfather
(Nov. 10)
  Unsuccessfully rewriting the past.

High Profile Visibility for my ‘Lebenswerk‘?
(Oct. 27)
  On the BBC's potential interest in my family history project - and where I am in writing today.

Fun with Fiction (Oct. 6)
  During spring 2016, I travelled to Hamburg to explore my great grandmother’s old haunts. Keen to pick up as much reading material as I could, I asked at a city bookshop whether they had any historical novels concerning the post-war years. “Just a moment,” said the shop assistant, who came with back with ‘The Murderer in Ruins.’

When Hungarian (and Facebook) became invaluable (Aug. 19)
  Discussing a 1957 passage to North America's 'last boom town' with Uranium City Friends!

A Second Chance (Aug. 5)
  We are Family! Recently discovered tales of a 1947 flight from Silesia to 'East' Germany.

  Meeting Liska Tyralla.

Long Term Dividend
(July 26)
  On a lost Facebook message and its discovery after a short shower.

Back in the Motherlode
(May 27)
  My latest blog tells of this librarian's adventures in Leipzig and on a would-be meeting with Tyrallas in Halle.

  Margot, my great aunt, with Hungarian husband, Francis. 1972.

Dig, Dig, Dig (Apr. 27)
  My great aunt was a character. I met her maybe twice (since she lived in California). But she and her husband made a curious detour, spending five years in sub-arctic Canada. I recently picked up a piece of news, a picture and a date that underlines family lore - all due to Facebook!

An ‘Inside View’ of My Take on World War Two (Feb. 17)
  A reader's review of my last chapter.

The Family Tree
(Feb. 3)
  From Family Tree to Family History :-) Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Getting Facts Straight
(Jan. 13)
  If there's one thing any smart researcher who's been to library school will know, it's to reference their sources.

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