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   In 2014, I started blogging about my progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ Those posts were published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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  For interested readers' convenience, I now share all 75+ posts here (see those pages linked in the lower right column).

     There is a light that never goes out (Nov. 30)
   Farewell Auntie Tina :'(

     Looking for the Zeitgeist
(Nov. 16)
   On none other than time-travel!

     Pilgrim’s Progress
(Aug. 24)
   All the latest news, including why there hasn't been a Wandervögel blogpost for a few months.

     A Tale of Two Rockets’ (Children)
(May 25)
   All Aboard! America's 'Fabulous Fifties' lured not one but two European 'Wandervogels.' In this week's post, I relate my aunt, Irene Ridderhof's story, as well as that of fellow teen, Harald Marenbach, with whom she shared an unusual connection...

     Love’s Great Adventures. Pt. 2: Cold War Accessories (1957-1962) (May 11)
   As two 'California Dreamers' from Leipzig and Budapest play their part in Uranium City's brief history, up goes the Berlin Wall to stem the relentless flight of refugees.

   They could count themselves lucky, they'd gone west in good time. But I wonder, did they reflect on their contributions to the Cold War and what it meant for the family back home, barely 300km either side of the Iron Curtain?

  Francis Haris receives Canadian Citizenship

     Love’s Great Adventures. Pt 1: Dreams of Leaving (1950-1956) (May 4)
   Fancy an intriguing read? My latest blog post on the next chapter's contents... and a connection with The Human League?!

     Re-writing Destiny (March 17)
   On new beginnings and ... moving to Leipzig?!

     An Honest Appraisal (March 2)
   Feedback is always welcome on my writing. Especially when it comes from someone who's seen it all.

     Lester Büttner! Wo Bist Du? (Feb. 23)
   A celebration of sorts... Sharing tonight a lighter side from my genealogical digging ...

  Annedore Buettner with her Accordion.

     War’s Brutality Reaches Radstein, Upper Silesia. Flight and Return. March 18, 1945 (Feb. 16)
   "It's brutal and pulls no punches": An eye witness account of the Soviet Army’s arrival in Tyralla homeland in Radstein, Silesia in spring 1945 and the subsequent flight of around 100 locals.

     Flight, Expulsion And ‘Resettlement:’ 1945-1949 (Feb. 9)
   So. Finally. After 18 months, the latest installment of the family history book am writing 'Wandervögel,' Chapter XVI is now finished! It covers the period from 1945-1949 and as the map reveals, our family was no exception.

     Devil in the Detail (Jan. 19)
   A short update on where things stand with Chapter XVI.

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