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   In 2014, I started blogging about my progress in writing ‘Wandervögel: A Prussian Family’s Passage Through Leipzig.’ Those posts were published on Facebook with the aim being to share news with family, friends and others who 'Liked' what I was doing.
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  Daddy's Girls

     Machern Truit Tales (Jan 29)  My daughters and I spent moments last summer making quince and cherry plum jams, harvesting from communal trees nearby our home. That reminded me of my German grandmother’s tales and antics of life at her grandparents' villa in Saxony, where she, her siblings and cousins helped collect fruit — although preserving it proved to be the greater challenge 😆

     Tell-Tale Neighbours (Jan 1)  Back in late 2013, I received some remarkable details from the Säch-
sisches Staatsarchiv about my grandmother’s brother.

   In late January 1917, Theo (then 8 and a half):
   “drained the catbowl at Frau Glennig’s house and licked his fingers from hunger. Frozen to the bone, he was … shown mercy by those in the Püchauer Straße poor-
house, whose residents ensured he didn’t starve to death while begging.”

     Dreams Can Come True (Feb 27)   In early 1963, my socialite great aunt and her Hungarian sidekick rode into San Francisco’s ‘high society’ Pacific Heights. They had certainly lived the American Dream.

     P.S. San Francisco (Jun 4)   Picking up loose ends from my last post, a Google User pointed me in the right direction and that evening I got on the blower. A kind gent heard my tale and asked me to call back the next day. He brought good news — and bad..."Thanks to you, your family will cherish all that you've done," he said...

     An Unwelcome Father’s Day surprise? (Jun 18)
  I estimate that in 1915, Vatertag took place on May 12. For my great grandfather, his call up to support the Imperial Germany ‘Fourth’ Army’s offensive in Ypres, Belgium, should have arrived a few days before. What if, however, there was more to contend with, than ‘just’ going into battle? Like a tell-all letter from his childrens’ nurse…?

     Headway! (Aug. 27)
  What can readers expect of the 50 or so pages draft content that were assembled during the last month and will become Chapter XVIII? The period covered is 1962-1969, while the chapter is called ‘Living the (American) Dream’. Why? because for our family, the sixties were very much about dream fulfillment.

     When Two Worlds Collide (Sept. 17)
  In 2017, I received this note: “Hello, I came across your great-grandfather, Paul Tyralla while researching my own family history. Are you certain he died in WW1, because I think otherwise…”

     Set Adrift on Memories A Bliss
(Nov. 13)
  A trip to Berlin (or the UK for that matter) is never complete without a little digging into our family's diverse history...

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